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CIGART fine accessories are designed by cigar lovers, with an aim  to deliver an exceptional experience for  cigar smokers and aficionado’s community.

From design to manufacturing, we have kept the needs of the cigar smoker at the forefront of our priorities and the output is a creation unmatched in sheer artistry and intelligent practicality. Our items are to be enjoyed for a lifetime and treated as a legacy.

While selecting the used materials, there are no shortcuts when it comes to quality. Every material used in the manufacture of our CIGART fine accessories is selected simultaneously for its practical and aesthetic qualities

Ziad Loukas

We believe in creating only the finest quality products, using the best sources. This means absolutely no cutting corners.

Every element has been carefully selected for its exceptional specs to meet your satisfaction. We pay exquisite attention to the smallest detail.

Every CIGART item is a unique, one of a kind gift experience.