A selection of high-end accessories to elevate your cigar smoking experience to a whole new level.

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Leather Cases



Cigar Stands


Cigar Stands

Experience the ultimate in luxury with CIGART.​


Indulge in the luxurious world of cigars with CIGART. From stylish cigar cases to sophisticated humidors and other accessories, our exquisite collection is designed to elevate your smoking experience. We specialize in creating the finest cigar accessories for the discerning cigar aficionado. Our attention to detail and craftsmanship are second to none, and our products are handcrafted with care and precision using only the highest quality materials, including genuine leather, Spanish cedar wood, real brass and stainless-steel accents, offering a luxurious experience with every use.



CIGART fine accessories are designed by cigar lovers, and we take great pride in the fact that our products are handmade in Lebanon by skilled artisans and craftsmen who have been perfecting their craft for generations. From design to manufacturing, we have kept the needs of cigar smokers at the forefront of our priorities. By using time-honored techniques and the highest quality materials available, our team ensures an exquisite beauty and uniqueness to each product, providing cigar enthusiasts with the best possible experience.

Every CIGART item is a unique, one of a kind gift experience.